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We offer Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Termly Accommodation for ages 4-11 years
The school offers wide range of boarding facilities in accommodating pupils to relief parents of the stress during school breaks, travelling and other personal involvements.

The pupils in the hostel are encouraged to be self-dependent and they also participate in extra-curricular activities under the supervision of the hostel matrons & patrons in a firm and friendly manner. We inculcate discipline into them and make them take responsibility for their actions; all these prepare them for the attainment of superior human qualities: love, service, integrity, self-reliance, patriotism, creativity and other enduring virtues and values.

Other exciting features/activities of the hostel include:
  • Family circle
  • Visiting Day/Open day
  • Toilets and Bathrooms
  • Bed side inspection
  • Sick bay
  • Meals
  • Siesta
  • Prep
  • Lights out

To make sure our pupils in the hostel are comfortable; the lists of essential are:
  1. 1 Dozen of cloth pegs
  2. 1 Dozen of wardrobe hangers
  3. 1 dozens of pants/boxers
  4. 1 pair of black / white canvas
  5. 2 Dinning napkins
  6. 2 night gowns or pajamas
  7. 2 Pairs of bathroom slippers
  8. 2 Pairs of black school shoes
  9. 2 Pairs of prep sandals
  10. 8 pairs of white socks
  11. Blanket
  12. Cello tape and gum
  13. Cover cloth
  14. Hair clipper (boys)
  15. Nail cutter or manicure set
  16. Raincoat
  17. Sewing kit
  18. Toiletries:
    1. Body cream
    2. Hair cream
    3. Tooth paste
    4. Detergent
    5. Toilet roll
    6. Combs/brushes
    7. Bathing soap
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