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Academic Departments of the Nigerian Secondary School With Excellent Teachers
Mathematics and Computer
The Bells Mathematics and Computer Department is made up of seasoned educators who have in-depth knowledge of Nigeria and British curricular. All the tutors in the department are members of the Mathematics Association of Nigeria (MAN) and Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN).

Students are groomed to take part in both local and international mathematics competitions like COWBELL Mathematics Competition, OLYMPIAD Mathematics Competition, American Mathematics Competition, to mention but a few.

The department comprises the following subjects:
  1. Computer Studies;
  2. Data Processing;
  3. Further Mathematics;
  4. Further Mathematics (for Non-Science Students), and
  5. Mathematics.
Business Studies

The department is known for promoting entrepreneurship among her students, staff and other interested parties who want to be employers of labour. The department provides business analytical skills in writing business plan, assessment of financial statements, comparative advantage, etc. The department is playing a pivotal role in discovering, nurturing, actualizing skills and economic potentials of students to raise future business leaders in tandem with school’s philosophy and objective.

Business Studies Department is made up of seasoned tutors whose areas of specialization in educational training are in:
  1. Accounting;
  2. Business Studies;
  3. Commerce;
  4. Economics;
  5. Technologies, and
  6. Trades.
Vocational Studies

The Vocational Studies Department is relevant to Arts, Culture, Technical and Engineering. It is also relevant to the entertainment industry and tourism. It is a department that any international school of high repute cannot do without because it has a lot of contributions to make towards the commerce and industry of a country, thereby uplifting the economic growth of such a nation.

The Bells Vocational Studies Department offers the following subjects:
  1. Basic Technology;
  2. Electronics;
  3. Fine Art;
  4. Garment Making;
  5. Home Economics;
  6. Music;
  7. Painting and Decoration, and
  8. Technical Drawing.
The department is blessed with well trained, dedicated and God-fearing teachers who perform their duties with love and great passion. These teachers believe that no student is unteachable and nothing is impossible (just like the school in her philosophy).
Guidance and Counseling

Counseling has always been referred to as the mother of all professions. Guidance-counselors are professionally trained to help people to be well adjusted socially, educationally, vocationally and emotionally. It is a known fact that without adequate and proper counsel, there cannot be a decent society, school or family. Therefore, guidance-counselors are very key and indispensable players in national development.

The department’s aims and objectives are:
  1. To assist students in developing their potentials in order to be useful to themselves and the society
    at large.
  2. To help our students make right choices in their different careers.
  3. To help our students adjust well socially and educationally.
  4. To complement teachers in the quest to achieve success in teaching/learning process.
  5. To sensitize students on career opportunities available in local and international tertiary institutions.
  6. To reduce socially maladjusted behaviours among students to the barest minimum.
  7. To expose our students techniques of passing examinations without tears.
  8. To serve as a bridge between ‘town’ and ‘gown’ in order to ensure the well-being of our students.
  9. To complement the School Management in order to achieve set goals and policies.
  10. To enlighten, educate and sensitize the school community on educational policies,
    teaching/learning techniques, examination administration, etc.
The department has been able to carry out, effectively, the following:
  1. Individual and group counseling for students and adults;
  2. Organization of Career Seminars and Days.
  3. Organization of orientation programmes for new students annually;
  4. Administration of counseling interventions on our weak students with the use of various counseling
    theories to achieve the desired results;
  5. Ability to help the School Management plan, project and execute programmes that can boost
    the school’s image locally and internationally;
  6. Administration of vocational interest tests on students in order to place them in their right classes;
  7. Pastoral care and follow-up services;
  8. Sourcing current syllabi on various subjects to complement teachers’ work;
  9. Pasting of educative write-ups on our boards for public consumption, etc.
In line with the above aims, and achievements of the department, the school has made counseling one the subjects taught on her timetable. Counseling is taught once a week to all our classes from JS1 to SS3.
The Science Department constitutes an integral part of the school system. It provides professional teachers, knowledge, skills and ideas in the following subjects:
  1. Agricultural Science;
  2. Basic Science;
  3. Biology;
  4. Chemistry;
  5. Physical and Health Education;
  6. Physics, and
  7. Trade (Animal Husbandry).
These subjects provide a solid foundation for students to choose careers like Medicine/Surgery, dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Biochemistry, Micro-Biology, Industrial Chemistry, Agriculture-related courses, Engineering courses, Medical Physics, etc. Students are exposed to a series of well-articulated practical sessions in the course of study. In fact, lessens are synchronized with practical classes to expedite teaching and learning. This has helped develop students with balanced knowledge.

The Humanities Department seeks to develop in the child a ‘conscience’ more suited to the multicultural world in which we live. That ‘conscience’ might take a passive form that allows more effective self-reflection or it can extend into active empathy which facilitates the dispensation of civic duties in which a responsible world citizen must engage.

The department brings students face-to-face with what is happening in real life. It looks at the complete well-being of the human behavior. We organize nearly 60% of all excursions undertaken by the school as students are offered opportunities to visit different areas in Nigeria and outside Nigeria for purely academic purposes. We develops the following in the student:
  • Spiritual, moral, religious, faith, knowledge of the here-after, ability to relate well with their maker and also enjoy peaceful co-existence with one another.
  • Innate nature of man in administration, good governance, and also groom future leaders in line with the school’s motto: LEARN, LIVE and LEAD!
  • Fostering political consciousness and a good understanding of Nigeria’s political system.
  • Awareness of their fundamental human rights.
  • An exposure to other people’s culture.
  • Maximizing the resources within the environment.
The department comprises the following subjects:
  1. Christian Religious Studies;
  2. Civic Education;
  3. Geography;
  4. Government;
  5. Islamic Religious Studies;
  6. Library Studies, and
  7. Social Studies.
We are HUMANITIES! We train character and academics. We add value to life!!
Foreign Languages

The Foreign Languages Department is a force to reckon with at the Bells Schools. In line with the school’s philosophy, the department strives to produce well rounded students who can compete favourably with their peers all over the world.

The department features subjects such as:
  1. English Language;
  2. French Language;
  3. Literature In English;
  4. Mandarin, and
  5. Kiswahili.

The world indeed has become a global village and proficiency in some of the world’s languages places a child above his/her peers as a world citizen.

The department is active in the following areas:
  1. Preparing and presenting students for international examinations such as SAT, TOEFL, IGCSE
    and Cambridge Checkpoint with results to show;
  2. Organizing international excursions to Benin, Togo, The Gambia, Paris, etc.;
  3. Organizing excursions to places within Nigeria, e.g., airports, media houses, libraries, etc.;
  4. Organizing drama, literary and debating activities and literary days;
  5. Organization of press club and publication of the school magazine ‘BLAZE’;
  6. Participation in inter school debates with laurels to show, and
  7. Presentation of news and drama at assemblies.
Among other things the department exposes students to the art of public speaking, creative writing, news casting and acting. Students are exposed to a wide range of opportunities which the English language and other foreign languages offer. The department is blessed with seasoned and dedicated teachers who are always ready to go the extra mile. We are unique!
Nigerian Languages
Language is a major tool used by mankind to express ideas, emotions, knowledge, memories and values. It is the main vehicle for cultural expression essential for individual and collective identity. The Nigerian Languages is therefore relevant because it protects, preserves and promotes the socio-cultural values of the people through teaching and learning of the languages.

The department organizes cultural activities and promotes inter-school competitions. It also organizes excursions to various traditional places that are relevant to the school’s curriculum, e.g., market places, king palaces, and other tourist centers.

The department is made up of qualified and able teachers in:
  1. Hausa,
  2. Igbo, and
  3. Yoruba Languages.
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