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The school boasts of a standard and fully stocked library with two spacious reading rooms.

School Farm.

The Agricultural Science Unit of the Science Department runs:

  • A crop farm
  • A poultry with 150 layers and (every once in a while) some broilers
  • A piggery with 3 sows, 3 boars and 6 piglets
  • 2 turkeys, and
  • 1 goat.
All of the above are purely for academic purpose as 80% of the farm is run by students in order to facilitate their learning in all aspects of agriculture. The layers are currently producing an average of 8 crates of eggs per week.

Science Laboratories.

Students of The Bells are exposed to a series of well-articulated practical sessions in the course of their study. Teaching is synchronized with practical classes to facilitate teaching and learning. We develop students with balanced knowledge. Apart from science laboratories, the school has laboratories for language, electronics, introductory technology, computing and typewriting. This is unprecedented and unrivaled within and outside the country.

The school boasts of:

(i)    Two (2) Chemistry Laboratories.
(ii)   Two (2) Physics Laboratories.
(iii)  Two (2) Biology Laboratories.
(iv)  Two (2) Agricultural Science Laboratories.
(v)   One (1) Foods and Nutrition Laboratories.

Apart from the above science laboratories, the school has the following laboratories:
(vi)   Language Laboratory.
(vii)  Electronics Laboratory.
(viii) Basic Technology laboratory.
(ix)    Basic Science Laboratory.
(x)     Computer Laboratory.
(xi)   Music Room.
(xii) Technical Drawing Laboratory.
(xiii)Typing Pool.
This is unprecedented and unrivaled within and outside the country.

Art Studios.
The school has two (2) standard fine art studios equipped with donkey benches, drawing boards, throwing wheels and kiln. The Bells is the only school that has an art gallery to complement her studios.

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