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All interested candidates can obtain entrance exam forms for N5,000.

1. A completed application form available at the school or on our website,

Completed forms should be returned with the following documents:

2.Passport Photographs

3. 2 most recent academic reports from the child's current school

4. A copy of the child's birth certificate 

5. Immunization History (required on entry into the school)

6. Candidates MUST be 10 years of age by 1st September, 2020.

7. Candidates MUST be in the final class existing in their present school (Primary 5 or 6)

Candidates seeking admission into Grade 7 must attain the age of 10 by September of the current academic year
i. All candidates (new entrant and transfer) are required to take the entrance examination or the academic assessment test respectively.
ii. Places are offered on the basis of performance in our own entrance examinations or assessment test. (special arrangements for testing/assessment can be made on behalf of applicants resident outside Nigeria)
iii. We reserves the right to determine final grade placement for any applicant based on educational need.

iv. We admit students of any race, creed, colour, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students. 

1. Candidates MUST be 10 years of age by 1st September, 2020.

2. Candidates MUST be in the final class existing in their present school (Primary 5 or 6)

Does Bells Comprehensive Secondary School have a high academic standard?

Yes. SSCE results for WAEC and NECO are very good. We have 94% pass rate with students having at least five papers including English and Mathematics.


What is the policy on discipline?

The Bells Comprehensive Secondary School has very high expectations in terms of discipline. We expect our students to be courteous and respectful to staff, fellow students and visitors to the school. They also conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will give credit to the school.


What is the quality of staff?

Our academic staff is made up of seasoned tutors whose areas of specialization in educational training are second-to-non. In fact, lessens are synchronized with practical classes to expedite teaching and learning. This has helped develop students with balanced knowledge. Our staff work in tandem with school’s philosophy that “no child is unteachable”.


Do you only admit into year 7 (JSS 1)?

No. Places are available for years 7, 8 and 10 (JS 1, JS 2 and SS 1).


What is the capacity of the school?

1, 500 students at full capacity of four (4) students in a room.


What does The Bells Comprehensive Secondary School look for in applicants?

The Bells offers a broad programme that caters for the total development of the child, especially the full and complete development of their innate abilities and skills, so as to reach the pinnacle of their productivity and usefulness to themselves, their families, communities, nations, and the world. In the light of this, we look at the whole child and pay attention to:

·         Students that at least are 10 years old, by September of a school year, into basic 7. Admission is through competitive writing and oral examinations.

·         A passion for learning.

·         Ability to fit into a boarding environment (for boarding students).

·         Sociable and respectful.

·         Well disciplined.

·         Sporting ability.

·         Ability in creative arts.


Will my child be able to continue to develop his/her preferred musical instrument skill at The Bells or would he/she have to give it up?

The Bells boasts of a standard music laboratory equipped with different musical instruments (from percussion to stringed) and manned by seasoned music teachers who go all out to make pupils become skilled in the use of preferred instruments.


How many students do you enroll each year?

There are places for 250 year 7 (JS 1) students every year either as day or boarding students.


Does my child need a personal interview?

Yes. Every child will be interviewed before admission will be offered.


I live far away from Ota, Ogun State. How can I meet someone from the school’s Admission team?

You may call the school to make a specific appointment on the following Telephone Numbers:

 +234-1-774-7220; 0803 705 4147; 0811 244 3644; 0909 317 3132. Alternatively, you may e-mail us on


What required fees can I expect to pay?

Application fee: NGN 5, 000

School fees: Please call: +234-1-774-7220; 0803 705 4147; 0811 244 3644; 0909 317 3132. Alternatively, you may e-mail us on

 Is there a discount for siblings?

Yes. There is 5% discount on boarding and tuition fees for the 3rd or more siblings. For details please call: +234-1-774-7220; 0803 705 4147; 0811 244 3644; 0909 317 3132.

 Do you have a full listing of subjects/courses?

The school’s curriculum is structured to ensure the child is suited to the multicultural world in which we live. This means students are given training and information required to prepare them for university and for their future careers.

In year 9 (JS 3), students will sit for the following examinations:

(i)                Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Check Point examinations comprising English, Mathematics and Science.

(ii)              National Examinations Council (NECO) examinations comprising subjects in Nigerian curriculum.

(iii)            Ogun State’s Junior Secondary examinations comprising subjects in Nigerian curriculum.


In year 12 (SS 3), students will sit for the following examinations:

(i)                West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

(ii)              National Examination Council School Certificate Examination (NECO).

(iii)            Cambridge’s International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

(iv)            Universities Matriculation Examination of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

(v)              Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT).

(vi)            Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Subjects offered are:

(A) Junior Secondary School Subjects

(1)              Agricultural Science.

(2)              Basic Science.

(3)              Basic Technology.

(4)              Business Studies.

(5)              Christian Religious Studies.

(6)              Civic Education.

(7)              Computer Studies.

(8)              English Language.

(9)              Fine Art.

(10)         French.

(11)         Guidance and Counseling.

(12)         Hausa.

(13)         History.

(14)         Home Economics.

(15)         Igbo.

(16)         Islamic Religious Studies.

(17)         Library Studies.

(18)         Mandarin (Chinese Language).

(19)         Mathematics.

(20)         Music.

(21)         Physical Health Education.

(22)         Social Studies.

(23)         Yoruba.

(B) Senior Secondary School Subjects

(1)              Accounts.

(2)              Agricultural Science

(3)              Biology.

(4)              Chemistry.

(5)              Christian Religious Studies.

(6)              Civic Education.

(7)              Commerce.

(8)              Economics.

(9)              Electronics.

(10)   English Language.

(11)   Foods and Nutrition.

(12)   French.

(13)   Further Mathematics for Non-Science Students.

(14)   Further Mathematics.

(15)   Geography.

(16)   Government.

(17)   Guidance and Counseling.

(18)   Hausa.

(19)   Igbo.

(20)   Information Communication Technology.

(21)   Islamic Religious Studies.

(22)   Library Studies.

(23)   Literature in English.

(24)         Mandarin (Chinese Language).

(25)   Mathematics.

(26)   Physical Health Education.

(27)   Physics.

(28)   Technical Drawing.

(29)   Trade Subjects:

(a)  Animal Husbandry.

(b)  Catering Craft.

(c)   Data Processing.

(d)  Garment Making.

(e)  Painting and Decoration.

(30)   Visual Art.

(31)   Yoruba.

(C)  Cambridge Check Point Subjects

(1)              English Language.

(2)              Mathematics.

(3)              Science.

(D) Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Subjects

(1)              Accounting.

(2)              Additional Mathematics.

(3)              Agriculture.

(4)              Art and Design.

(5)              Business Studies.

(6)              Chemistry.

(7)              Economics.

(8)              English Language.

(9)              Food and Nutrition.

(10)         French.

(11)         Geography.

(12)         Information and Communication Technology.

(13)         Literature-in-English.

(14)         Mathematics.

(15)         Physical Education.

(16)         Physics.

(17)         Religious Studies.

(18)         Sociology.

 What is the school’s calendar like?

The school runs from the beginning of September to the end of July each year.


Does the school have a religious affiliation?

The school respects all faith. Students are assisted to practice their own faith. The Bells has no religious affiliation.

 What is the maximum class size?

The school has classrooms with capacity for 24 students. Currently, classes are 22 or below.




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